Mobile Spa Event

We are equipped to conveniently cater for attendants at various events and conferences including health and wellness fairs with our mobile massage chair and hot towel foot massage, Pedi-mani services respectively.

Chair Massage

Group of 5 people or less – ₦ 7,000 per individual

Group of 6 -50 people – ₦ 6,000 per individual

Group of 50 and above – ₦ 5,000 per individual

Further discounts may apply to a larger group. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Foot Massage / Pedi- Mani
Group Booking Range from ₦ 5,000/₦ 6,000 per individual, further discounts may apply.

The Mobile Spa will provide the mobile massage therapy chairs as well other equipment required to carry out the services.

We will provide therapists that are trained to help clients relieve stress and achieve relaxation.

We will also jazz up the on-site atmosphere to attain serenity and warmth; there will be soft music, scented candles, and aromatherapy, all of which promote wellness and relaxation.

Depending on your need, a pamper lounge can be set up at your event to pamper your clients