Gyaran Jiki ( ˜GARIYANJIKI˜)  Northern Beauty Spa Treatments – is an array therapeutic beauty and wellness treatments commonly practiced by the northern women. Northern Beauty Spa Treatments – Gyaran Jiki

Gyaran Jiki orignates of the Kanuri ethnic group of Borno State, Nigeria. These age-long and purely organic beauty spa treatments are also practiced in other African countries especially the in northern Sudanese provinces and even Saudi Arabia.Northern Beauty Spa Treatments in Lagos

Gyaran Jiki is now being adopted by the modern day and urban woman.


Our Mobile Services Northern Beauty Spa Treatments – Gyaran Jiki consists mainly of the popular

Halawa (sugar wax) – a traditional hair removal treatment; an historical and effective way for hair removal. This wax is ann epilatory treatment that is performed for the removal of the total hair follicle thus revealing a finer and bare skin in preparation for the brightening scrubs.

Full Arms N6,000 (underarms inclusive)
Legs- Full/Half N10,000/N6,000
Upper lips N,2000
Chin N2,000
Underarm N2500
Bikini Line N6,000
Brazillian N8,000
Full Body  N18000


Dukhaan – a multipurpose  smoke bath performed as the recipient is made to seat over an incense pot with burning coals, topped with the perfumed therapeutic and beautifying herbs, spice and tree barks such as acacia wood and sandalwood. The recipient is draped fully to allow the smoke from the incense to saturate the body. This multipurpose Northern Beauty Spa Treatment detoxifies and perfumes the body with aromatic scents and also tightens the female private area. This treatment has proven to heighten sexual pleasure for

 women because of the natural aphrodisiacs that are incensed during the bath. 

The smoke bath is definitely beyond a beauty or pre-wedding ritual as it has shown to ease joint problems and aching muscles. It is also a recommended treatment for postnatal moms.

Tightening & Cleansing N10,000
Tightening, Sensual & Cleansing N15,000

Body scrubs & polishes – a deep exfoliation scrubs accomplished with a blend of natural and historical exfoliating herbs, fruits and spices such as turmeric, lemon, milk, cloves etc. This Northern Beauty Spa Treatments elevate dead skin cells, reveal a supple, attractive skin and gives an undeniable glow. 


Brightening Scrubs

Dilke  N12,000
Citrus Soda N12,000
Coffee N10,000
Henna N10,000
Sugar N8,000
Rice Extract N8,000


Body Polishes – Recommended after the brightening scrubs for intense glow.

Milk Gel N6,000
Lemon & Honey N8,000
Avocado Cream Butter N8,000


Northern Beauty Spa Treatments – Gyaran Jiki The Sugar Wax (Halawa), Smoke bath (Dukhaan) and Brightening Scrubs including Dilke. The Mobile Spa Lekki